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About Lamda

· Lamda is a refreshingly simple and easy way to save money on your everyday supermarket needs. We are a no fuss, low price neighborhood market coming to a neighborhood near you soon! Save Here and Reward Yourself!
· At Lamda, our philosophy is simple – Low prices, Clean store, Fresh product! Lamda is a limited assortment store – so you won’t find 15 sizes or varieties of Ketchup, just the best-selling brand and exclusive offers that save you money. We are small, efficient and close to you. Good products at Great value, everyday – without having to drive long distances or suffer long lines just to save on your everyday food needs!
· Lamda – a brand you can trust – we guarantee it! When you see Lamda on the label, you can be confident of good quality inside with great savings you can take home
· Proud to be Local – As a proud Saudi company, we take pride in giving small local companies a chance to shine.
We look for promising small brands that meet our strict quality standards and low price commitment
so you can enjoy the best for less and support local businesses


When does Lamda Markets open and close?
We operate from 7.00 AM to 10 .00 PM

Can I use Debit & credit card to pay for my groceries?
Yes, we accept Debit & Credit cards

How do I suggest new products?
You may use the write to us option in our webpage to suggest any product

Can I return something I bought at Lamda Markets?
Yes, if you are not happy with the product quality you can return within 3 days of purchase with invoice

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Al-Jalawiyah ,
Saudi Arabia
Dammam 32246

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